Stella and Lou

Merrimack Repertory Theater

Charles Towers, director


Prelim sketches


Production  photos by Meghan Moore

"That sense of authenticity extends to Bill Clarke's set. A Budweiser sign glows red on a wall at Lou's Bar, just above a dartboard. Photos of basball players hang above the bar where bottles of liquor are precisely lined up. To the right of the booze is an American flag."

-Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

"Scenic designer Bill Clarke's set is terrific, making Lou's bar dingy and welcoming at the same time. The checkerboard flooring is a quirky focal point, and there are numerous sports photos and caricatures hanging above the bar, as well as de rigueur neon lights advertising various beers."

-Nancy Grossman, Talkin' Broadway

"Bill Clarke's set, too, is so right in its laid-back, sports-bar squalor that it's almost scary. (The pleasures of precision are pehaps the hardest to argue agaist, aren't they?)"

-Thomas Garvey, The HubReview

" The play feels real.....[including] the beautifully well-done barroom set by Bill Clarke. The audience-goer feels like a fly on the wall, witnessing a private microcosm being played out....."

-Kathleen Palmer, The Nashua Telegraph

"I loved the scenery for its unerring accuracy. Except for the pictures of the Philadelphia Phillies above the bar, this could be a tired old bar in any town in America. Scenic designer Bill Clarke made a wonderfully understated and instantly recognizable place for this romantic comedy to unfold."

-Tom Boudrot, Boston Events Insider